A Blog In 6 Minutes – Sometimes it’s Just About Getting Things Done

Step one: find a spot with cell service.

Step 2: Set the timer.

Step 3: Pull up blog post.  Hope swipe works.

My day in 6 Minutes.

Open half closed eyes.

Shuffle into kitchen.

Brew water for neti pot.

Boil water for tea.

Think of what to wear.

Debate wearing makeup.

Pick clean clothes from laundry off of the floor.  (Don’t judge.  It happens to the best of us.)

Drive to work with NPR.

Grade last few papers before school.

Get students with a smile.

At break;  email,  email,  email.

Teach some more.

Bell rings.

Grade, grade,  grade.

Drive downtown.

Eat dinner.

Head off to a play.

Look at the clock. 6:50


Realize you haven’t posted!


Sit in a corner of the theater before the show starts.

Type like a crazy person

Give up. The show is about to begin.

Power off phone.

Watch play.

Exit theater.

Power on cell.

Ten minutes until 9 p.m. Pacific Central time.

Type, type, type.

8:54, Two minutes to spell check.

And post.

Made it!



  1. Good six minute recipe to remember.Everybody in Pacific time needs a folder of them. I’m on Mountain time ~ that gives me another hour, barring early crashes.

  2. Awesome! Truly, impressive. I have been under similar pressure with my slicing but I don’t think I pulled it off as well as you did. Loved the humor you sprinkled in! Great day, really!!

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