Today in class my students were asked to free write. Students usually write 2-3 times a week. I write with them, modeling the thoughts, struggles and frustrations of a writer. Students may pick any topic that they wish. If they are stuck, two topics are put on the board for them to investigate. Today’s topics:

Favorite flavor of ice cream or superpower. I like the latter choice:


I stare out on the moonlight city, assessing the tiny cars and lights illuminating the buildings. This is where I am happiest, away from the noise of everyday life, apart from others, at a distance but still assessing the situation. It’s like looking through a display window. I perceive that others are close but I cannot come into contact with them.

Silence falls upon the cityscape like a fresh coat of newly falling snow. Off in the distance I perceive a problem. My senses heighten and I zoom in on the cries of someone in distress.

Donned in a red cape and clad from head to toe in black I crouch down about ready to leap out into the night and towards trouble, towards adventure.

My toes grip the ledge and my arms spread out wide. “One, two.” I jump on three leaping into the abyss. My cape opens and turns into a parachute. I glide down, down, down. “Beeep, beep, beep.”

I open one eye, then the other. My alarm pulls me out of my dreams. “Awww man. It was all a dream.”

If only I could fly.