Missed Connections


“I need you to call me. You can’t just text. And what is with all those selfies? I don’t know how to respond when you send me a picture of you at work.” She drummed¬†the fingers of her right hand on the table every now and then, revealing some nervousness, a slight insecurity or doubt.¬†Her torso leaned in towards him yet her arms were crossed.

“Okay I’ll call you.” He said in a flat, even tone.

“I don’t need to be called everyday. Just once in a while. It’s more personal, more human.” She shifted in her seat.

“Okay I’ll call,” he repeated.

“I mean I’m not saying it has to be a long conversation. Just call me.” Her eyes darted towards his lips, his smile.

“Okay,” he said in a steady tone.


“Okay,” he repeated.

She sighed deeply, sightly more reassured but still not convinced.


Text: “I miss you. When will I see you again?”

Text: “Wednesday?”

Text:”Wednesday is perfect.”


Text:”Sorry, I have a thing with work. I have to leave for L.A. for a few days. I can’t see you Wednesday.”

Text:”Okay. Let’s talk tomorrow. I miss you.”

Text: “I miss you too.”


She picked up her phone and looked at the missed call and saw there was a voice message. “Hi. You told me to call and I am leaving a message. I hope you are well. If you get this call me. I will be at the gym and then out to dinner but we can try again tomorrow.”

She looked at the clock and knew she would soon be fast asleep. They would miss each other again. Another day lost. Another missed opportunity to connect.




  1. Hannah Galloway

    March 3, 2015 at 10:23 pm

    very powerful! it made me sad for the characters, and reminding me of how busy we all are – it is important to make time to talk to your loved ones (whether you are in the same town or not).

  2. Wow- nicely written- I can feel the sadness.

  3. This is so nicely written. I was cringing and unhappy almost immediately. And then happy when I saw he called. And then a little sad again when I read the “try again tomorrow.” I hope this isn’t the end of the story.

  4. Well crafted. Made me sigh. Leaves me thinking on how important it is to make time for each other.

  5. The world we live in, right? Sometimes I long for the days of the old fashioned letter and long phone calls. Very well crafted slice!

  6. This is played out a million times a day by humans everywhere. The lost of human connection in the digital world is truly frightening, and I’m as guilty as anyone. Thank you for sharing this and reminding all of us of the power of the human experience.

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