Shared Memories

Tomorrow my grandpa turns 89. In honor of his birthday, we had a family celebration with cake and presents. At the end of the event, he and I were standing in the kitchen saying our goodbyes. During a lull in the conversation he pointed out some photos on the fridge of himself. In one he was copilot on an old plane. The other photo showed him at a war memorial commemorating the last bullet fired in World War II. He was part of that infantry. The picture showed him standing at the memorial. I could tell he was proud of this moment.

I had never heard either story of his recent flight or of the war. What other untold stories have I not heard before? In that moment I felt happy for t11454297503_e27946e4ff_hhe moments we spent together and hopeful to spend many more with him.


  1. What a lovely moment. A short tale with so much meaning and with the hint of so much more to come.

  2. That sounds really sweet,😊😊

  3. It’s fascinating to think about what other untold stories he has. Why not sit down with a video camera and interview him for a few hours to see what else you can learn?

  4. Wow, your grandpa sounds awesome.

  5. Wow! 89 that’s amazing!😮

  6. My grandma turns 69 on the third

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