Have you ever noticed how yawns are contagious? Why is it that you yawn and other people yawn too? People don’t sneeze when you sneeze or cough when you cough. Researchers investigated this topic and found out more about who copies yawns. Family members are most likely to copy a yawn. When someone yawns in a group of friends, however, less people copy the yawner. In a workplace, even less people mimic the yawn. This means that the more close you are to the yawner, the more likely you are to copy their yawn. The time gap between yawn one and yawn two is significant. If your partner begins to returns your yawns less quickly each time, this might indicate a lack of closeness between the two of you. According to the article, that might mean trouble.

I told this information to my roommate on the way to dinner followed up by the comment that she didn’t copy my yawn when we were at home earlier.

“It guess it’s not meant to be,” (meaning our friendship).

“It’s sad that it has to end this way.”


Later she yawned and then I yawned five minutes later.

“That’s it! You waited too long to return my yawn. You might as well pack your bags.”

“Yep. I need a new roommate. Things are definitely going downhill.”


  1. Haha funny. I never knew that.

  2. studies show that when you yawn you become more focused and alert in exchange for a large sound and exposed weak points like the neck.So if a pack of wolves are hunting,and one of them yawns not only the yawner gets an alertness boost,but everyone around him gets an alertness boost.

  3. I yawned just by reading the word “yawn.”

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