The Art of Losing

There is a special art to losing. I know. I am an expert.

My soccer team has been losing, for two seasons, almost every week, almost every game.

Why you ask, am I on a losing team? It is a number of factors: Some players are new to the game; others have never played indoor soccer. Some weeks our roster is overflowing with players and other weeks we barely have four to start the game. Why keep playing? I like the exercise and my friends are on the team. We didn’t always lose all the time.

This week there was no art in losing. We were down 6-0. The other team decided to play a man down to “help us out”. ¬†When on offense, they would often stop when coming near the ball and wait. Just wait. That is pretty insulting when the other team just stops mid play and watches you. On top of that, the other team booted the ball off the field on purpose because they thought the ball was too hard.

Apparently our coach forgot about the art of losing because he called the game right there. In the middle of the second half with 15 minutes to go, he quit, threw in the towel. Many walked off the team complaining about the other team. Today we lost our composure; we didn’t act with dignity. There was no art in this game.



  1. Sticking with the team when the record’s not the best is difficult. But it’s a team non-the-less…sorry to hear the game didn’t go very well for you. How will this end?

  2. I remeber when I lost 9-1. The referee stopped counting the goals from the other team.

  3. My brother won a game 5-2 the referee had to stop counting to not make the other kids feel to bad.

  4. Losing is important. You learn more when you lose.

  5. I really felt the emotion you were trying to portray

  6. I’m good at losing too! I lose in the game “skate” a lot.

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