A List of Bad Ideas

Bad Idea #1:

Using baking soda instead of cornstarch when making stir fry.

Bad Idea #2:

Practicing for the three legged race by tying shoe laces together. The knots are really hard to undo!

Bad Idea #3:

Baking while unfocused-the result: three cakes instead of one.

Bad Idea #4:

Tasting pipping hot cake batter. The result: a burnt mouth.

Bad Idea #5:

Drinking coffee after 5 p.m.-no sleep for me!



  1. The knots were not hard to undo

  2. Bad idea # 2:

    Jamie and I all the way!! 😂😂

    Great job! Very creative topic!

  3. I liked how you numbered the bad idea’s. I agreed with you with the shoe laces they were hard to untie.

  4. Awesome topic I might copy that if that’s okay I mean not the bad ideas but the format

  5. I really liked how you number the ideas and I agree the shoelaces were hard to undo

  6. I like how had a idea of something that you previously wrote about

  7. I think it was really creative of you to write down all of the bad Ideas. 👌😊

  8. I like how you tied other blogs into this one.

  9. nickoprather88beep

    March 25, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    Good list and I also like how it is suggestions of what not to do. And also I noticed these are all things that have happened during this challenge.

  10. Practicing a three legged race also results in me (my dad) buying new shoes.
    I went to Starbucks after 5:00pm once and ordered decaf…. But they didn’t give me decaf!!!!!!! I was up all night!!

  11. I liked how you listed your bad ideas.

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