Old Globe

Today 6th graders visited the Old Globe in Balboa Park to see a performance of various plays that students produced through the Playwright’s Project. Out of all the plays written in schools throughout San Diego County, Kirra’s play was chosen.

The Old Globe showed various student plays. It was so captivating to see student work come alive on the stage. Students were enthralled, laughing or crying throughout the plays. What a wonderful program!




  1. I know, it was soooooo fun!!!!
    After the play I was taking to Kirra and all the actors went to talk to her and I got to high five them!!!! Jealous?

  2. I had fun at old globe. And what was your favorite play Ms. Sikking

  3. It was really fun! Great details in explaining the Playwright’s project.

  4. I loved the Playwrights Project Show! I wish that I could go see another play some day.

  5. I liked the field trip too. We had a round theater. The play’s were super funny

  6. That was fun.
    Great details about the playwrights project.
    Great job😊

  7. I also liked the Old Globe. I also like the program too. Great job Ms.Siking😄

  8. I just checked out the Old Globe online. Wow! Sounds like a neat theater. It looks really pretty there too.

  9. It’s very interesting to see a play in three dimensions.

  10. nickoprather88beep

    March 25, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    Good job at describing and one line I liked was “laughing or crying throughout the plays”.

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